Elgin Community Center

elgin community center groundbreaking ceremony
It all started with a dream...
Adream was initiated in 2009 within the Town, led by Mayor Pete James.  The thought of bringing a community center to the Town of Elgin, where people can come together, and pay homage to the history of Elgin, was the fuel that kept the project in the forefront of the Council for many years.

It has always been a dream to one day have the Community Center as a component of Potter Community Park, as it was in the initial plans of 2017.

Through countless hours of planning and preparations, the dream has come to fruition.  With the help of Kershaw County and Elgin Representatives, February 5, 2024 was a momentous day.  Mayor Melissa Emmons, Former Mayor Pete James, Former Mayor Brad Hanley, State Representative Ben Connell, Kershaw County Councilman Derek Shoemake, Mrs. Shirley Miles and John Potter of the Blaney-Elgin Historical Commission, Elgin Town Councilmembers Cristy Bradley and Dana Sloan, Jeff Lewis, the architect, along with many Elgin friends came together for the groundbreaking ceremony on the lot adjacent to Potter Community Park.

The Town is so appreciative to Mimms Contracting for taking the vision of the new Community Center to life, and designing a wonderful place where the community can come together.  Owner Charlie Mimms and others of his team were present for the event, eager to begin construction.

Elgin Community CenterThe style of the building pays tribute to the former railroad depot that helped evolve the community many years ago.

The beautiful structure will house the Blaney-Elgin Museum, dedicated to the history of Blaney-Elgin, with Mrs. Shirley Miles as the visionary.  It is with great pride that this building will not only become a place where the community can come together, but also host events and offer a venue for partnering with the Recreation Department and Fine Arts Center to offer classes.  Once construction is complete, a paved parking lot will be constructed and the path along between the park and the Community Center will be resurfaced and made anew this Summer.


Just as residents may rent the pavilion of Potter Community Park for parties and events, you also will be able to rent the new Community Center.  The overhang around the structure will provide coverage, indoor restrooms, a catering kitchen, and a large community room.

Improving Potter Community Park by adding this structure is a great benefit for the residents of Elgin.  The Town of Elgin is so thrilled that the dream will now become a reality.

potter park community centerMimms Contracting will begin construction this week.  The building will be erected in the open field directly across from the park.  The walking paths will not be disturbed and Potter Community Park will not lose any of its rich integrity.  This community center will elevate the space and expound on the richness of the Town of Elgin.

The anticipated completion date is September 16, 2024.