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  1. Gwen Henderson says

    How many types or categories of Commercial property are there? What ALL types businesses can be put in the OC (office commercial) category? What type business is trying to go here should the zoning be approved?

    • Melissa Emmons says

      Ms. Henderson,

      There are several types of Commercial Property Zoning Classifications-Office Commercial, General Commercial 1, General Commercial 2 and Light Industrial. Our Zoning Ordinances can be found on our website on the “About Elgin” Page-the link is located near the top on the left hand side-“Town of Elgin Zoning Ordinances”.

      This particular request is to rezone a parcel from “Residential” to “Office Commercial” for Conditional Use. As stated at our January 7th meeting, it will be a women’s boutique. The property next to this site is already Office Commercial as well as the property across the street.

      For more information, feel free to contact Elgin Town Hall at 803-438-2362. In addition, you can view our meetings live each month and/or you can view the video at any time on our Facebook Page-Town of Elgin. If I can ever be of assistance, feel free to email me at melissa.emmons@townofelginsc.com or give me a call at 803-309-1385.

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend,
      Melissa Emmons

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