January 8, 2013-Minutes


The monthly meeting of the Elgin Town Council was held Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.


at the Elgin Town Hall with Mayor Brad Hanley presiding. All Council members were present


except Councilman, Larry Risvold.


Invocation was given by Councilwoman Emmons and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mayor


Brad Hanley.


December Town Council Minutes (Regular and Special) approved – motion by Councilwoman


Emmons, 2


n d

by Councilman Ernst – unanimous vote.

Mayor Hanley recognized the new business licenses for:


Frazier Restaurant Company LLC


Shear Bells Salon – d/b/a Artwerx Hair Studio


ley’s Gifts & Treasures


Sylina’s P-Nuts (Temporary)


PSR Seal Coating (Temporary)


Mayor Hanley presented a copy of a letter of resignation from Councilman Larry B. Risvold. Mr.


Risvold will not return to Council for the remainder of his term.


Financial Information was reviewed by Mayor Hanley – there was a significant increase in police


fines collected for the month of December. Chief Brown commented that jail fees still have to


be paid out of collections.


Lost revenue collected for the month of November is $20,364.00 which is 19% down from


projected income.


Funds for Toy Round-Up – purchases of food and most of the toys were made at local/in town




The question came up about whether vendors at Cat Fish Stomp need to purchase a Town


business license – except those on private property.


Mayor Hanley received an interesting EPA article on storm water written by a Federal Judge


from Councilman, Larry Risvold. Article states that storm water is not a pollutant. Mayor


Hanley said he will be interested in any follow-up articles.


No formal complaints for December – two residential complaints (not documented): 1) State


Paper scattered on ground at home, Windy Hills – people were out of town; 2) second


complaint from resident in Windy Hills about a camper in their neighbor’s backyard – appears


someone is living in it.




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Old Business


Councilwoman Emmons stated there were 451 hits on Town website for month of December.


Down from last month. 102 visits to Cat Fish Stomp page.


Councilwoman Emmons continues to pursue another traffic light for the town at the


intersection of Pine and Main Streets. She stated that she has called U. S. State Representative,


Mick Mulvaney and he will not return her calls. She also talked with Reginald Simmons, Interim


Deputy, Executive Director, Transportation Director, of Central Midlands Council of


Government who told her that the request for another traffic light is #42 on the “prioritized list


of intersection improvement projects”. All of Council and Mayor agree that the town is need of


political influences to get help. Councilwoman will contact Legislative Delegation. Mayor


Hanley would like to know what the last study showed and how long it will take to get another




Councilwoman Emmons contacted Central Midlands Council of Government and the request


has been made for another study. She will also contact Tommy Hammond with Kershaw


County DOT.


New Business


Chief Brown thanked Councilman Roger Ross for cleaning up around Town Hall and adjacent


areas. It was in bad need of a good clean up. Thank you again Councilman Ross!!


A meeting is scheduled on January 10, 2013 to start planning the “PoDunk” Festival to be held


on April, 20,1013. Chief Brown stated that Town insurance will not insure inflatables.


Council and Mayor Hanley scheduled a meeting on January 17, 2013 to discuss plans for a park


– especially, the need for power and water. Councilwoman Emmons will contact Mark Howard


(PR representative) at Fairfield Electric and invite him to the meeting in hopes that they can


offer advice and financial support.


Mayor Hanley is concerned about a water supply for the Town in case of an emergency. He and


Council need to consider what needs to be in place in case the Town would loose access to


water. Can the Town work with Lugoff-Elgin Water Authority to bring one of the old wells back


into service? Councilman Ernst said that he will contact the Lugoff-Elgin Water Authority


before the January 17


t h

meeting to discuss possibilities.

Public Forum


Anna Chason with the Blaney/Elgin Historical Society presented a letter from Shirley Miles,


President of the Society and Centennial Committee, to council (copy for file) making a request


for a document of confirmation and commitment from the Town to donate the building


adjacent to the Public Library at 2652 Main Street for the future location and utilization of the


Blaney/Elgin Museum.




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Councilman Ernst suggested that the town issue a document of commitment for the building


and land for use of the museum but at which point the museum would move to another


location or no longer exists, the said property would revert back to the Town.


Ms. Chason also wanted to know if Mayor Hanley had received correspondence or an e-mail


concerning the event scheduled by the Centinnel Committee for May 11


t h

. Will the event be

covered by Town insurance? Mayor Hanley is aware of the event. If anyone has any questions,


they can contact him or Chief Brown.


Ms. Chason would like a follow-up on the flag for the Library/Museum location. The pole needs


to be restrung and the light brought out from under bushes. Councilwoman Emmons has


already made contact to get a new flag.


Motion to adjourn @7:55 p.m. by Councilman Ernst.


Minutes submitted by: Doris Kling, January 9, 2013



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