Kershaw County-West Wateree Transportation Study

Kershaw County and the Central Midlands Council of Governments are undertaking the West Wateree Transportation Study, a comprehensive transportation and land use analysis that will result in a coordinated set of design solutions that not only respond to the transportation demands of the area but also are sensitive to the desires of those who call West Wateree home. The study will address cars, bicycles, pedestrians, transit, adjacent land uses, the environment, and urban design.

There is an opportunity to participate in this study online. All are encouraged to provide additional comments digitally, by accessing the project WikiMap, a web-based interactive mapping platform specifically tailored to the West Wateree study area. The map “crowd-sources” data created by users and provides the project team with further insight on local concerns and desires. Users are able to pinpoint specific locations of interest or areas of concern. Test drive the WikiMap, or access it anywhere you have internet via:

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