June 6, 2017-Minutes

ELGIN TOWN COUNCIL                                       TOWN OF ELGIN, SC.

Mayor Melissa Emmons

Councilman Brad Hanley

Councilwoman Candy Silvers

Councilwoman Naomi Eyers

Councilman Ed Smith





The monthly meeting of the Elgin Town Council was held Tuesday, June 6th at 6:00pm with Mayor Melissa Emmons presiding.


Present were Mayor Melissa Emmons, Councilman Brad Hanley, Councilman Edward Smith, Councilwoman Candy Silvers, and Councilwoman Naomi Eyers


Mayor Melissa Emmons gave the invocation.


Councilman Brad Hanley led Mayor, Town Council and all others attending the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance

The Kershaw County Legislative Delegation presented Potter Community Park Committee Chairwoman, Dana Sloan, park committee and Elgin Town Council a check for $150,000 from South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism for Potter Community Park.


A motion was made by Councilwoman Candy Silvers to accept the May 2nd                                                                                                                                                                                          minutes with a 2nd motion by Councilwoman Naomi Eyers without further discussion and a unanimous vote.



No formal complaints were filed


Ordinance #233 – 2017/2018 Budget – Judge David Reuwer stated he appreciated all the assistance Town Clerk/Clerk of Court, Melony Hudson provides for Court and how important her role as Clerk of Court is for him and Judge Michelle James.


  • Councilwoman Candy Silvers thanked Dana Sloan for pursuing and receiving the Parks and Recreation Grant for Potter Community Park
  • Councilwoman Naomi Eyers also thanked Dana Sloan and helping make Elgin beautiful. She also stated she attended her first event as a Councilwoman at the 50th Anniversary for WeylChem and wanted to congratulate them on their anniversary
  • Councilman Brad Hanley also thanked Dana Sloan for heading everything for pursuing the grant for Potter Community Park and he also thanked the Legislative Delegation for helping with this process.
  • Councilman Ed Smith thanked Dana Sloan and Jeannie Potter for all their work on pursuing the Park grant for Potter Community Park. He thanked Chief Brown and Randy Pruitt for having the Railroad items beside Town Hal moved.
  • Mayor Emmons thanked Dana Sloan, Councilmembers and the Park committee for their work pursuing the Park grant and her passion for the Town of Elgin. She also thanked the Legislative Delegation for their commitment and contributions to the Town of Elgin’s community and for the presentment $150,000 to Potter Community Park.  She also wanted to remind everyone about the 3rd and final reading of the Kershaw County Council budget will be May 13th at 5:30pm.  She encouraged all that could to attend as County Council is will be deciding whether or not to add the Crossing Guard funding back into their budget which will directly affect our 2 schools and Elgin Police Department as well as putting our businesses at risk.


Councilman Brad Hanley requested to increase the salaries for the Police Department to $258,485 in an effort to maintain and compete with other agencies.  This will in turn increase the amounts for retirement and payroll taxes; therefore increasing them as well.  A motion was made by Councilman Brad Hanley to accept the Ordinance #233 -2017/2018 Budget with a 2nd motion by Councilwoman Candy Silvers without further discussion and a unanimous vote.  A motion was made by Councilman Ed Smith to accept the 2nd reading of the 2017/2018 Budget with the passed amendment, with a 2nd motion by Councilman Brad Hanley without further discussion and a unanimous vote.  An updated copy of the amended budget will be emailed to all of Council Wednesday morning from Town Clerk, Melony Hudson.

A motion was made by Councilwoman Candy Silvers to accept the 2nd reading of the Amended Ordinance 137 section 6 Agendas Item (E) with a 2nd motion by Councilman Brad Hanley without further discussion and a unanimous vote.

A motion was made by Mayor Emmons to amend the Agenda and add Chief Brown under Old Business, as he was inadvertently left off, with a 2nd motion by Councilman Ed Smith without further discussion and a unanimous vote.

Chief Brown asked Mayor and Council about pursuing the much needed update to the Police Department website.  He stated he had enough funding in his technology budget for this current fiscal year and would like to go ahead with Cate Goff to finalize this much needed update.  Mayor and Council were in agreement for him to pursue this venture.

Chief Brown asked Mayor and Council about having a community yard sale at Potter Community Park.  He stated the funds collected for the sale of the spots would go to Potter Community Park.  Councilman Hanley was concerned it would set a precedence for the future and after much discussion the idea was tabled.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Dana Sloan stated County Councilman, Ben Connell gave $4,000 of his discretionary funding to Potter Community Park to go towards the costs of the walking trail.  He was allotted $7,000 and the other $3,000 will go to Blaney Fire Department.  This is the first time these funds were given to Elgin.

She also stated that she along with Town Clerk, Melony Hudson, will be sending out surveys to Town of Elgin businesses to find out how Potter Community Park affects their business.  A breakdown of expenses was given to Council for the cost of postage, envelopes and paper at a cost of approximately $89.32.

She also stated she needed 2 Councilmembers on the committee and since Councilman Ed Smith had rotated off and Councilwoman Candy Silvers rotated on there was an open seat.  Councilwoman Candy Silvers nominated Councilman Brad Hanley and Councilwoman Naomi Eyers nominated Councilman Ed Smith, after he stated he would be willing to serve again.  Mayor Emmons stated she would 2nd the nomination for Councilman Brad Hanley.   After some discussion, Town Attorney, John Wells, recommended to adopt a resolution to add a 2 year appointment starting July 1st for the upcoming fiscal year committee appointments.

Dana Sloan gave all of Council copies of the bids she received for the walking tract.  Mayor Emmons opened the floor for a motion to move forward to accept a bid and start implementing the walking tract.  A motion was made by Councilman Brad Hanley to accept the Ducksback bid of $34,000 for the walking tract with a 2nd motion by Councilwoman Candy Silvers without further discussion and a unanimous vote.

Councilman Brad Hanley asked about the removal of Potter Drive and whether keeping it or removing it would cause an issue with placement of the walking trail.  He stated Dana Sloan would need to notify the controller.  He also advised they would need to contact Zoning Administrator, Randy Pruitt, to verify the placement of the potential Community Center and if Potter Drive would hinder that as well.

It was decided Council would schedule a work session with Randy Pruitt, Potter Community Park Committee and Town Attorney to discuss this further.  Mayor Emmons will email everyone with potential dates.


Tenell Felder, United Way of Kershaw County Director of Communications gave a presentation regarding ending homelessness in Elgin and providing transitional housing for those in need.  She also discussed the priorities of education and encouraging anyone that could to volunteer for the Hand in Hand Mentoring. 

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made at 7:11pm by Councilman Brad Hanley with a 2nd motion by Councilwoman Candy Silvers, without further discussion and a unanimous vote.



 Approved: _______________ __________

Minutes submitted by Melony Hudson – June 12th, 20

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